External CFO

External CFO

Would you like financial leadership without the cost of a finance executive? To lift your team and boost performance? And your team financial savviness?  To provide advice and guidance in all aspects of managing and growing a business?

Financial management, which goes hands-in-glove with all strategic, commercial and operational activities in all aspects of your business, is one the of the top reasons of startup failures.

What is most needed has been cost prohibitive and out of reach for small business. Entrepreneurs and businesses with a financial compass is like a bird with one wing – left floundering at whims of chances.

Until now.

We bring 30 years of experience managing complexities at large corporates and small to medium businesses to servicing your business.  With us, you can now access financial capabilities of large corporates without the big costs.

With our External CFO service, you can get the financial counsel and mentoring that your business needs as needed and when needed, at a fraction of the cost.



Where we can help

We can help with

  • Finance function & capability
  • Internal controls
  • Employees shares options
  • Equity structures
  • Cash flow optimisation
  • Policies, systems and simplifying processes
  • Raise funds and capital
  • Profit turn-around
  • Business structuring & asset protection
  • Business acquisition & integration
  • Divestment & selling a business
  • Exit & succession planning

Fixed fee, minimum commitment

We first try to understand your business and your business needs and pain points.  We agree on the scope, milestones and timeline.

Based on that, we will recommend an appropriate External CFO coverage, starting from a minimum base to fit within your budget, whether that’s one day per month or per quarter.

If the scope is variable due to the nature of the work, we will provide early and ongoing updates so you are always ahead and in control of your costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum commitment for a CFO engagement?

It can be as little as 1 day per month or per quarter.

Is the minimum a fixed commitment regardless of actual usage?

The minimum is mainly for limiting your commitment while giving you access to the fixed fee structure, which is significantly lower than the  on-demand rate.  It does not restrict your access – we are here to help wherever help is needed. 


What happens to the unders and overs of usage?

We bill at the net time it takes for each activities.  You will get a summary of actual usage at the end of each billing period. Any unused time from the minimum commitment are rolled forward. Excess usage will be billed at the end of the billing period.

What happens when I have a requirement outside the agreed scope?

We will be glad to support any additional requirements.  As always, we will agree on the scope of work and fee before commencing service activities.  We strive to provide clarity and certainty of cost as far as possible.

Success stories


How Wilson & Associates helps us with our profit turn-around and growth strategies – by Dr. Watson, CEO, Ethos Health,13/06/2018

A profit turn-around of almost 300%
20% savings on a tax assessment, coupled with 20% annual savings in tax compliance
A rigorous growth budget with full alignment of strategic objectives with executional strategies in terms of people and marketing.

Wilson & Assoc provides robust planning, rigorous performance management, commercial and strategic advice, and helps drive profit and accelerated growth.

Improve cash flow. Maintain high level of trust and confidence with suppliers, during short cash-tight periods.
First year of engagement (F17) – reduce operating loss by 2/3
Second year (F18) turn-around to profit
Wilson & Assoc Chartered Accountants

What we are about

We are passionate about bringing big company financial capabilities to startups and small businesses without the big costs.

Our mission is to help you create the financial future you want for your business, yourself and your family.

Our business is to help you build wealth, increase cash and profits, and grow amazing business.

What our clients say

Wilson & Assoc Chartered Accountants has played a key role in our business turn-around, rapid growth and capital raise. They have provided financial structure and rigour to optimise decisions and outcomes of strategy implementation and performance enhancement. They have brought a new level of financial clarity and confidence to our decisions and choices, both strategic and operational.
Dr Trent Watson
CEO, Ethos Health
After going through many accountants that were hard to reach or just didn't care, I finally found Wilson and his team, who have the time and patience to talk through all of your accounting needs whilst also providing expert business advice. Thank you Wilson & Associates for making the positive difference that our business deserved.
Janalan Seelan
CTO, Booncave
Thank you to Wilson of Wilson and associates for the hard work on my tax returns. The no fuss service was outstanding, considering the hard task that was set to him. My returns predated online lodgement (to the current system) with lots of paper documents and back checking. I highly recommend Wilson to anyone wanting good service and communication, and great outcomes. I will be definitely be using him for years to come.
Stuart Brown
Gardening & Landscaping
Very Happy To have Wilson & Assoc as my Accountant for business and personal maters. Very professional, friendly and most of all he works hard to make sure you get the best outcome with your tax return as well as giving you the best advice to better your business. Always notifying me with every step when working on any procedures to do with my business. Doesn't matter if you are a big business or small you are treated with the same care and respect and given the same service. I highly recommend their services.
Ana Giusti
Restaurant Owner
Wilson & Assoc Chartered Accountants has been of the greatest help to us personally and as small business owners. Their personal service, ongoing support and advice help to simplify accounting and taxation matters from the day to day through to end of year. And it's all done without a fuss.
Andre Ogle
Printing Business Owner
The service is professional, efficient and reliable and we trust Wilson to get the job done right. But most importantly, it’s so nice to deal with someone that is genuine and cares about the things that are important to us. Thank you for looking after us Wilson.
Vivien Chau
Financial Risk Manager
My tax return was done very fast and efficient with all the paperwork included, I would definetly reccomend them.
Michael Antonakis
Ski Sport Photograher
Wilson is a great accountant and extremely helpful know exactly what to do with my finances gives me complete step by step instructions on what to do to get my tax affairs in order. 👍👍👍 highly recommend him
Darren Truong
Clean N Out
Very knowledgeable and professional service. Glad to have finally found a tax accountant that instills confidence.
Dominic See
IT Technician
Finally found an accountant that is courteous and knowledgeable but most importantly efficient with great pricing. He's always willing to look at different avenues to land on a positive outcome for us. We highly recommend his services.
Frank Ribosa
Surfing Accessories Supplier
I have recommended my clients to Wilson & Associates and the feedback has been very positive. Specifically that Wilson was professional, courteous and clearly explained complex tax rules in an easy to understand way, without any jargon. If you're looking for a great a tax agent and accountant, definitely contact Wilson & Associates.
Jason He
Mortgage Broker
Wilson is very professional and had helped me resolved my complex issue with the tax office. I highly recommend him.
Kevin Yeo
Engineering Manager
Wilson is by far the best tax agent I have used. He is quick and thorough and a very friendly person to work with. I have already recommended him to friends and family. Will be coming back again and again
Zana Serdar
Immigration Lawyer
I was very impressed with how thorough and quick they were. It made process smooth and flawless. Definitely going to use them again.
Bryce Taylor
Event Manager
Another year tax return done, thank you for making this yearly experience so easy, fast and professional.
Emer Elias
Very proactive, professional and educates where required.
Kieran Babich
Director, Wash Rider, Water sports supplies

Save tax. Build wealth. Grow business.

Start now. Quick, easy, no fuss.

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